Slickline - Land & Offshore Marine

5 , 10 , 15K in house surface equipment.

.092" , .108" , .125" , 3/16" STD , 3/16" Dyform , 7/32" STD , 7/32" Dyform Lines in Plow Steel and Alloy.

Large inventory of new and used hard to find equipment , as well as custom made tools.


Fly-away , Inline , Inline Hydraulic , Single Drum Hydraulic , Double Drum Hydraulic , Land trucks single and double drum quick rigs,

as well as pull-behind unit.


Boat Fleet


L/B Select Select 101 - 65 Class Sleeps 2 with 5 ton crane. Data Sheet

L/B Select Select 102 - 90/65 Class Sleeps 6 with 15 ton crane. Data Sheet

L/B Select Select 105 - 40 Class with 3 ton crane shallow draft (18" of draft). Data Sheet

Self propelled Spud Boats

Select 103 - Spud Barge sleeps 2 with a 5 ton crane. Data Sheet


Mobile Cranes

17 Ton capacity 120' boom crane truck for construction , wireline and equipment handling.

Rough terrain Crane 80' boom 30 Ton capacity (Link-Belt RTC 80/30).



PE5 - High pressure/high volume pump.

TA-3 Low volume high pressure pump.

Mustang low volume high pressure pump.

Assorted trash pumps and double diaphram pumps.

Test pumps from 5,000 - 15,000 PSIG

Two 10,000 test trailers.


Consulting, Fabrication & Construction

Select has executed everything from small flowline leak repairs to production equipment repair and replacement.

Select has also engineered and constructed an entire $3 million dollar inland platform for Gulf Production in an environmental sensitive reserve named Delata Duck at the mouth of the Mississippi River. The project was completed on time and under budget.

Select has availiable downhole well consultants for supervisory needs too hook-ups.